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Note: You are looking at a static copy of the former PineWiki site, used for class notes by James Aspnes from 2003 to 2012. Many mathematical formulas are broken, and there are likely to be other bugs as well. These will most likely not be fixed. You may be able to find more up-to-date versions of some of these notes at http://www.cs.yale.edu/homes/aspnes/#classes.

This is the web page for CS 425/525: Theory of Distributed Computing for the Fall 2005 semester. Here you can find pointers to various resources for students taking the course. You should check this page periodically for new announcements.

1. Announcements


Final exam solutions are available; see CS425/Assignments/FinalExam.


In CS425/Assignments/HW06 problem 3, a quorum should be the set of points { (x, ax+b mod p) }. An earlier version of the problem failed to include the mod p, which makes finding an exact solution much harder.


By popular demand, the deadline for CS425/Assignments/HW06 has been extended to Friday, December 2nd, 2005, at 5:00pm. Please put your completed homeworks in Yitong Yin's mailbox (this is a change from the usual place).


Lecture is CANCELLED for 2005-11-30.


Solutions to CS425/Assignments/HW05 are now available.


CS425/Assignments/HW06 is now available.


Solutions to CS425/Assignments/HW04 are now available.


Solutions to CS425/Assignments/HW03 are now available.


CS425/Assignments/HW05 is now available.


CS425/Assignments/HW04 is now available.


Solutions to CS425/Assignments/HW02 are now available.


2. Resources

3. Staff

4. Questions and comments

Please feel free to send questions or comments on the class or anything connected to it to <aspnes@cs.yale.edu>.

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