Richard TseWai Fischer
Born November 20, 2002


This Thanksgiving, four new grandparents celebrate the birth of our fist grandchild. At six pounds, he seems very tiny to us all. He is very warm and likes to be held close. His eyes are big and full of curiosity. A fine baby; healthy and full of promise.

Mother, father, and child are all happy and doing well.

Several weeks before birth...

...and just after.

Secure and happy in our arms.

Grandmother Margharita ... joyous.

Grandfather Peter ... proud

Grandmother Alice ... feeling clumsy?

Grandfather Mike ... happy.
Exploring the world with eyes, arms, and fingers.

He looks this way, then that, always intent on something.

Fingers wrap around a finger. Toes like to be gently rubbed.

Margharita will stay to help the new family.

Holding this infant is soporific!

Mother and child.

My baby.

All's right with the world.
Last updated: 11/28/02