Collectively Speaking

Collectively Speaking was a contemporary jazz quartet that played mostly original compositions at various clubs, restaurants, and concert settings throughout Connecticut.

 The musicians in Collectively Speaking were:

bulletKen Aldrich, drums
bulletRuss Becker, woodwinds
bulletBrett Bottomley, double bass
bulletPaul Hudak, piano

The picture above was taken circa 1995.  The band played together for about four years, disbanding in 1996

Amongst their accomplishments, Collectively Speaking was voted "Best Jazz Group" in the 1995 New Haven Advocate "Sounds of New Haven Reader's Poll", and was the featured jazz entertainment at the 1995 Special Olympics World Games and the 1995 SNET New Haven Street Festival. They were chosen in four consecutive years to perform in the Alliance for the Arts summer concert series, and performed four times at the Jazz Expo at Toad's Place in New Haven.  Their CD, Speaking Out was released in February 1995, and features ten original compositions. Selections from the CD were premiered live on the NET weekly television program All About Music, broadcast from Washington, DC in June 1995.  Their first recording, The Spirit is Loose, was issued in 1992 on cassette tape.

Speaking Out

Front cover:                                                                       Back cover:


Inside jacket:

Full mp3 recordings:

bullet Caring About Greg (Hudak)
bullet Chocolate, Vino, and Desire (Hudak)
bullet Clamingo Dance (Hudak)
bullet No One Knows (Becker)
bullet Spirit in the Winds (Hudak)
bullet Sticks and Bones (Aldrich)
bullet Sweet Summer Breeze (Hudak)
bullet The Spot (Becker)
bullet Thumbs Down (Bottomley)
bullet Wooden Waltz (Becker)