First Workshop on Theory of Networked Computation:
Breakout Groups and Summary Slides

Group 1: Next-Generation Information Systems (Summary Slides)

Chair: Andrei Broder (Yahoo! Research)

Participants: Moses Charikar (Princeton), Howard Karloff (AT&T Labs - Research), Richard Karp (UC Berkeley), Dan Spielman (Yale), William Steiger (NSF), Eli Upfal (Brown)

Group 2: Next-Generation Architecture (Summary Slides)

Chair: Ashish Goel (Stanford)

Participants: Hari Balakrishnan (MIT), David Johnson (AT&T Labs - Research), S. Muthukrishnan (Rutgers), Sirin Tekinay (NSF), Tilman Wolf (UMass)

Group 3: Next-Generation Protocols (Summary Slides)

Chair: Bruce Maggs (Akamai Technologies and CMU)

Participants: Matthew Andrews (Bell Labs), Vincenzo Liberatore (Case Western), Kathleen O'Hara (NSF), Jennifer Rexford (Princeton), Gordon Wilfong (Bell Labs)

Group 4: Control of Personal Information in a Networked World (Summary Slides)

Chair: Rebecca Wright (Stevens Institute)

Participants: Sanjeev Arora (Princeton), James Aspnes (Yale), Amotz Barnoy (Polytechnic University of NY), Joan Feigenbaum (Yale), Michael Foster (NSF), David Goodman (NSF), Avi Wigderson (Institute for Advanced Study)

Group 5: Economic Approaches and Strategic Behavior in Networks (Summary Slides)

Chair: Michael Kearns (Penn)

Participants: Nick Feamster (Georgia Tech), Jonathan Katz (University of Maryland), Stephen Mahaney (NSF), Rahul Sami (University of Michigan), Alex Snoeren (UC San Diego), Eva Tardos (Cornell)