Dissertation Title: Formal End-to-End Verification of Information-Flow Security for Complex Systems

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Coq proofs (known to compile without error using Coq v8.4pl3):

Behavior-Preserving Separation Logic (Chapter 2):
         [concrete logic] [HTML] [HTML, no proofs] [PDF] [PDF, no proofs]
         [abstract logic] [HTML] [HTML, no proofs] [PDF] [PDF, no proofs]

Security-Aware Separation Logic (Chapter 3):
         [Coq file] [HTML] [HTML, no proofs] [PDF] [PDF, no proofs]

mCertiKOS-secure (Chapters 4-7): [Browsable HTML]
mCertiKOS-secure with virtualized time (Chapter 8): [Browsable HTML]
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Defense date: August 17, 2016 @ 3:30pm EDT