Joan Feigenbaum's Research Projects
(Partial List)

PAVE: Privacy, Accountability, Verification, and Economics of Blockchain Systems

PriFi: Low-Latency, Provably Anonymous Communication Over Wireless LANs

Dissent: Accountable, Anonymous Group Communication

Accountability and Identifiability

Foundations of Next-Generation Routing

Massive-Dataset Algorithmics for Network Security

Proactively Removing the Botnet Threat

The PORTIA Project on Sensitive Data

New Privacy Frameworks for Collaborative Information Sharing

Incrementally Deployable Secure Interdomain Routing

An Economic Approach to Security

The Cyber-Threat Analytics Project

The SPYCE Project on Diffuse Computing

The TIME-DC Project on Trustworthy Infrastructure

The GRIDLOCK Project on Unification of Security Mechanisms

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