Foundations of Next-Generation Routing

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The emergence of the Internet is one of the most profound shifts in focus in Computer Science since its inception. Traditionally, Computer-Science research has focused primarily on understanding how best to design, build, analyze, and program computers. Research focus has now shifted to the question of how best to design, build, analyze, and operate networks and the distributed applications that run on top of them. Satisfactorily answering these questions will require the development of a Theory of Networked Computation (ToNC) that is analogous to the Theory of (single-machine) Computation that Computer-Science researchers have already developed. This project focuses on the algorithmic and programming-language foundations of routing in next-generation networks.

This project is supported by NSF grants 0728500 and 0728443 (Sep 1, 2007 - Aug 31, 2011).





Contact: feigenbaum AT cs DOT yale DOT edu