Ph.D. student
Advisor: Zhong Shao
Office: AKW 305

I have been a Ph.D. student with the FLINT group at Yale University since September 2012. My interests are proof assistants, programming languages, and operating systems design. I am currently working on adapting Compcert for the purposes of verifying Certikos, and am thinking about ways in which GNU epsilon or a similar language could be used in the context of certified software development.

I got my Licence (B.Sc.) of Computer Science from University of Strasbourg in 2010, as well as my Master (M.Sc.) of Computer Science and Imaging Sciences in 2012. As a Free Software enthusiast, I have occasionally contributed to Debian GNU/Linux, as well as the microkernel-based, multi-server implementation of POSIX known as GNU Hurd. I have been previously employed as a (proprietary) software developer and as a dish washer.

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