Recent changes to this wiki:

Remove useless greeting
Use the en_US.UTF-8 locale
s/in connection with/in the context of/
Rework awkward sentence
Put the useful information first
Remove emphasis on "powered by ikiwiki"
Spell multi-server with a hyphen
Add my office number
Add excludes for the config, Makefile and destdir
Specify gitorigin_branch
Upload the result in post-update
Add a Makefile
Generate a local wrapper
Revert "Set up git hook"
This reverts commit e2551e1691528a85c52305f8da185ed8030fb3e7.
Let's keep ikiwiki.setup appropriate for local builds.
Add a .gitignore file
Set up git hook
Minor grammar fixes
Update wikiname
Credit the awesome ikiwiki
Introduce myself + short bio
Remove redundant horizontal rule in header
Configuration file