CSCI551, Spring 2016: Computer Communications

Date Topics Readings Notes
Overview, historical papers
Mon 01/11 Course Overview, requirements, introduction
how to read, checklist
Mon 01/18 Martin Luther King’s Birthday
no class
Mon 01/25 Internet Architecture
Clark88, Clark13, TCP/IP, end-to-end
TCP (Transport protocols)
Mon 02/01 Basic congestion control
CongestionControl, TCPDiagnosis, DatacenterTCP
Mon 02/08 TCP extensions and fairness
Fairness, XCP, MultipathTCP
Mon 02/15 Presidents’ Day
no class; Project a due at noon
Internet Topology/Routing (BGP)
Mon 02/22 Internet Topology and traffic; BGP basics
InternetConn, Traffic, BGPSurvey
Mon 02/29 BGP policy, security
Gao-Rexford, BGPSecurity
Mon 03/07 Exam, Naming, Onion routing
DNS, TOR Exam 1
Mon 03/14 Spring Break
no class
Mon 03/21 Content distribution networks, Wireless networks
Chord, Akamai, MAC
Mon 03/28 Data-center networks
VL2, GoogleTopo, FacebookData, GoogleWAN Project b due at noon
Mon 04/04 software-defined networks
OpenFlow, Ethane, Onix, SDX
Mon 04/11 network virtualization, network verification
InternetVirt, DatacenterVirt, HSA, VeriFlow
Mon 04/18 Cloud computing
MapReduce, Spark
Mon 04/25 Exam 2
Exam 2
Sun 05/08
Project c due at noon

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