CSCI 599 Special Topics: Trends in Cloud Computing and Data Center Networking


The outline will be updated over weeks. Please check out the readings one week before the date and read them before class.

Lecture Date Topics Papers Notes/Resources
1 Thu 08/30 Overview Papers
Berkeley View Datacenter as a Computer
2 Thu 09/06 Networking Topologies
VL2 FatTree Optical Wireless Invited talks by Ratul Mahajan, Michael Walfish, and Katerina Argyraki
3 Thu 09/13 Traffic Measurement and Management
IMC09 IMC10 Hedera Orchestra Project group formed
4 Thu 09/20 Transport Protocol
DCTCP Multipath TCP D3 preemption
5 Thu 09/27 Network Configurations
Portland DAC NetLord Cloudward Project Proposal due
6 Thu 10/04 Scheduling and Resource Management
Mesos DRF Oktopus Seawall FairCloud
7 Thu 10/11 Virtualization
Xen Turtles Fido DifferenceEngine OSDI week in Hollywood (Invited talk by Junfeng Yang (Columbia))
8 Thu 10/18 Switches and middleboxes
ServerSwitch Camdoop Aplomb PPlayer
9 Thu 10/25 Data center management
AutoPilot AutoControl Eucalyptus Centrifuge
10 Thu 11/01 Map-reduce and its Improvements
MapReduce Mantri ROPE Spark
12 Thu 11/08 Security and Diagnosis
OutofCloud Sporc NetPilot SurviveFailure
13 Thu 11/15 Inter-Data Center Management
Volley Entact multihoming COPS FORTE Invited talk by Matt Dreyer (VMWare)
13 Thu 11/22 No class
Thanks giving
14 Thu 11/29 Software Defined Networking
Ethane Onix openflow spec 1.3 Consistency FlowVisor Invited talk by Josh Reich (Princeton)
15 Thu 12/06 Final Project Presentations
16 Wed 12/19 Project Report Due
Due 5pm PT

How to review

Your review should look similar to a formal paper review, which contains four pats:
Paper summary: What problem the paper is addressing (1-2 sentences or bullets). The core novel ideas or technical contributions of the work (1-2 sentences or bullets). (i.e., what's the 30 second elevator pitch, or, five years from now, what should one remember about this paper?) A longer description (3-5 sentences) that summarizes the paper's approach, mechanisms, and findings.
Strengths: 2-4 bulletted points (Explain in more details in the detailed comments)
Weaknesses: 2-4 bulletted points (Explain in more details in the detailed comments)
Detailed comments: Follow the instructions in Keshav's paper.

How to give a presentation?

See Randy Katz's guidelines