CSCI694b, Spring 2014: Software-defined Networking

Date Topics Readings Notes
Wed 01/15 Overview
Scott talk ONS11, how to read Assignment-1 try out Mininet Tutorial Mininet paper
Wed 01/22 SDN origins
Ethane, 4D, RCP, history Form project group. scott talk stanford
SDN Basics
Wed 01/29 Data Plane Basics
OpenFlow spec 1.4, OpenVSwitch, RMT, OpenFlow 2.0
Wed 02/05 Network Virtualization
VINI, Nicira, FlowVisor, LIME blog1 blog2
Wed 02/12 Controller and Programming Language
ONIX, Frenetic, Pyretic, Maple ONOS Assignment 2 try out Pyretics Tutorial
Wed 02/19 Interactions of control plane and data plane
DIFANE, Fabric, Kandoo Project proposal due
SDN extensions
Wed 02/26 Measurement
DevoFlow, OpenSketch, Counters
Wed 03/05 Middleboxes and Hosts
SIMPLE, ClickOS, OpenMB, NativeClick NFV
Trouble shooting and security
Wed 03/12 Debugging
NICE, Anteater, ndb
Wed 03/19 Spring Break
Wed 03/26 Verification and Consistency
HSA, VeriFlow, Consistent update, zUpdate HSA-realtime
Wed 04/02 Data Center
Ananta, Hedera, vCRIB Midterm project report; Guest Speaker (Masoud Mosheraf)
Use Cases
Wed 04/09 Security and Fault Tolerant
AvantGuard, FRESCO, MovingTarget, FatTire
Wed 04/16 Widearea and Interdomain
GoogleWAN, MicrosoftWAN, SDX, IRSCP
Wed 04/23 Wireless Storage Incremental Deployment
OpenRadio, SoftRAN, IOFlow, Incremental
Wed 04/30 Project Presentations
Wed 05/14
Project writeups due

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