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Note: You are looking at a static copy of the former PineWiki site, used for class notes by James Aspnes from 2003 to 2012. Many mathematical formulas are broken, and there are likely to be other bugs as well. These will most likely not be fixed. You may be able to find more up-to-date versions of some of these notes at http://www.cs.yale.edu/homes/aspnes/#classes.


../Assignments/HW7 has been graded. Sample solutions are on the assignment page.


If you are considering majoring in Computer Science or a related major, please see Stan Eisenstat as soon as possible if you haven't already done so. You can make an appointment by visiting http://sce.cs.yale.edu .


../Assignments/HW8 is now available.


There is a talk on Wednesday at 17:30 by Brian Kernighan on scripting languages in WLH 119 that might be interesting if you want to know what the developer of C thinks about the languages people actually use today. More details.


../Assignments/Exam1 has been graded. If you took the exam, you should receive an email containing all of your grades to date. The exam grade is out of 80. The total field is your total points so far (up to 1 for each homework and up to 3 for the exam); the median value of this total is 8.10. Graded exams can be picked up from AKW 401 during Jim Aspnes's office hours on 2012-03-02.


../Assignments/HW7 is now available.


../Assignments/HW6 has been graded. The final test script in /c/cs223/Hwk6/test.final is similar to the previous public script, but the input files were shuffled. See /c/cs223/Hw6/tests.final for the new inputs. Sample solutions are on the assignment page.

The disk problems on pine.cs.yale.edu appear to have been transient.

../Assignments/HW5 has been graded. Sample solutions are on the assignment page.


../Assignments/HW6 is now available.


There was an error in the test.final script for /Assignments/HW4; please disregard the first message you were sent. The second message should be correct. Sample solutions are available at the end of the /Assignments/HW4 page.


A clarification has been added to /Assignments/HW5.


In response to many questions about valgrind errors, there is now a section in C/Debugging devoted to the more common valgrind error messages and what they are saying about your code.


../Assignments/HW5 is now available.


../Assignments/HW3 has been graded. Sample solutions are available on the assignment page.


../Assignments/HW3 was pretty vague about what widths and heights were permissible. A clarification has been added to make explicit that zero rows or zero columns are both OK.


../Assignments/HW4 is now available.


Three missing test cases have been restored to test.findpath. If you only saw 88 points the last time you ran it, you may want to try it again.


The timeout for the test.findpath script has been substantially increased. If you've been hitting SIGXCPU errors on big.in, this may help.


There is now a mailing list <cs223-staff@cs.yale.edu> that goes to the entire course staff. This may be helpful if you have a question about an assignment but aren't sure who is awake to answer it quickly.


../Assignments/HW3 is now available.


../Assignments/HW1 has been graded, and a sample solution is available at the end of the ../Assignments/HW1 page. You should have received email with output from the /c/cs223/Hwk1/test.final script, which you can also run by hand with the command /c/cs223/bin/testit 1 final. If you did not get any mail, or got mail meant for somebody else, we probably don't have a working email address for you; please send mail to <aspnes@cs.yale.edu> to fix this. If you got more than one copy of the message, it's because the bulk-emailing script wasn't handling bad addresses right and needed to be re-run; sorry about the spam.


If the submit script says you're an unknown student, you need to go to the Zoo signup page and check the 223 box.


Some additional notes have been added to ../Assignments/HW1. These may be worth looking at if you've been having problems with pow not being found by the linker, the random.in output mysteriously coming out shorter than expected, or are worried that the test script output says echo compile failed.


../Assignments/HW2 is now available.

Lecture is moving to DL 220 starting Thursday, 2012-01-19. Lecture on Tuesday will be in WLH 208 as before.

../Assignments/HW1 is now available. See ../Assignments for the due date.

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