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Note: You are looking at a static copy of the former PineWiki site, used for class notes by James Aspnes from 2003 to 2012. Many mathematical formulas are broken, and there are likely to be other bugs as well. These will most likely not be fixed. You may be able to find more up-to-date versions of some of these notes at http://www.cs.yale.edu/homes/aspnes/#classes.

This is the web page for CS 422/522: Operating Systems for the Spring 2007 semester. Here you can find pointers to various resources for students taking the course. You should check this page periodically for new announcements.

1. Announcements

Final exam grades and semester grades are available in grade-o-matic. Graded final exams can be picked up outside AKW 401 starting Monday. Thanks to everybody for participating in the course.
HW5 grades are available (on grade-o-matic). Let me know if you have questions. --Rodrigo
Write (i.e. commit) access to the Subversion repository will be turned off in a couple of days. We will leave it up for read access for a while, but eventually the entire repository will be retired. Please let us know if this is a problem for you.


2. Final exam info

The final exam was given 2007-05-11 14:00-17:00 in SCL 18.

Sample solutions are available: final-2007-solutions.pdf.

3. Staff

4. Course materials

5. Resources

5.1. Readings

5.2. Tools

5.3. Programming

5.4. Other OS courses

6. Questions and comments

Please feel free to send questions or comments on the class or anything connected to it to <aspnes@cs.yale.edu>.

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