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Ramakrishna Gummadi

Yale Computer Science
Email: ramki at cs dot yale dot edu

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I am a research scientist in Prof. Bryan Ford's group, working on problems in Systems and Networking.

New Stuff

Our Hotstorage'12 paper on non-linear compression is accepted.


I am broadly interested in systems and networks research, with a specific interest in wireless networks.  For my Ph.D. thesis, I worked on a cool programming system for sensor networks, called Kairos. It's a simple dialect of C with support for naming, concurrency and distribution, and is designed to be easily programmable, message and energy efficient, and reliable. The system involves building a compiler and a runtime.

In the recent past, I worked on other areas that overlap systems and networks, such as robustness and privacy issues in 802.11 networks (HotOS 2007), congestion control in sensor networks (SIGCOMM 2006), and database support for query processing in sensor networks (ICDE 2005).

At Berkeley and slightly later, I worked on topics such as analysis of P2P systems (SIGCOMM 2003), addressing and routing in the Internet (HotNets 2004, SIGCOMM 2001), and techniques for constructing highly-available data services (ASPLOS 2000), and scalable and composable Internet services (SIGOPS European Workshop 2000, Journal of Computer Networks 2001).

Recent Publications/Talks

Some of my recent and representative publications (partial list):



The latest Kairos compiler and runtime tarball is here. I don't currently have the time to support this software, but you can use it any way you want to. Code and data sets for other papers I've written are also generally available upon request.


I work or have recently worked closely with Prof. Hari Balakrishnan (MIT), Prof. Ramesh Govindan (USC) and Prof. Todd Millstein (UCLA). I also collaborate with Prof. Arvind (MIT), Prof. Robert Morris (MIT), Prof. Eric Brewer (Berkeley), Prof. David Wetherall (UW), and Prof. Srini Seshan (CMU). In the recent past, I had the privilege to work with many other wonderful researchers and grad students, and they can be found on the pubs page.

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