Service to Academic Communities
  1. Professional Memberships (Student)
    • ACM, IEEE (IEEE Computer Society and IEEE Control Systems Society), AAAS.
  2. Reviewer
    • Journals: IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems (IEEE TPDS), IEEE Micro, Elsevier Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing (JPDC).
    • Conferences: ISCA, HPCA, MICRO, ASPLOS, PACT.
Service to University of Illinois
  1. SAGE: Students Advising on Graduate Education
    Graduate College [August '17 – August '18]
    • SAGE is the official student advisory board to the Dean, Graduate College on Graduate programs and initiatives.
  2. EGSAC: Engineering Graduate Student Advisory Committee
    College of Engineering [August '16 – August '17]
    • EGSAC is the official student advisory body of engineering graduate students. It makes recommendations to the Dean, College of Engineering on issues related to graduate well-being at UIUC.
    • I was a part of two subcommittees, Interdisciplinary Engagement and Quality of Life and Wellness. I initiated the setting up of an interdisciplinary fellowship award for students, and designed events to promote interdisciplinary engagement, and student wellness.
  3. CSGAC: Computer Science Graduate Academic Council
    Dept. of Computer Science [August '15 – August '17]
    • CSGAC is the student academic advisory body in the Department of Computer Science, UIUC.
    • I supported several departmental activities, and was the liaison between CSGAC and EGSAC.
    • I Hosted and coordinated the interactive sessions with prospective students in the Architecture, Compilers and Parallel Computing areas.
  4. Computer Architecture Reading Group
    Dept. of Computer Science [August '15 – August '17]
    • I co-organized this weekly reading group that discusses recent, and high impact papers from computer architecture conferences.
Service to BITS Pilani
  1. Project Coordinator
    Electrical and Electronics Engineering (EEE) Association [August '09 – August '10]
    • I was a member of this organization that guides student driven projects in Electrical and Electronics majors.
    • I mentored 9 projects for APOGEE'10, the annual technological festival of BITS Pilani, of which 5 won gold medals.
  2. Co-founder and member
    PSoC Club [September'09 – December'10]
    • Taught lectures and guided projects on using PSoC, a Programmable System on Chip for student driven projects.
  3. Treasurer
    Andhra Samiti [August'09 – August'10]
    • Andhra Samiti is a regional association of the Telugu populace at BITS Pilani.
    • I planned and organized ethnic and cultural events.
  4. Elected Representative
    BITS Pilani Student Union [August'08 – August'09]
    • The Students Union is the official student governing body that organizes and oversees all student activities on campus.
    • As a representative, I managed activities in my hostel. I also participated in the ogranization of the annual cultural and technological festivals of the university.
  5. Professional Assistant
    International Relations Unit [Fall'09]
    • I worked on compiling the university's Memoranda of Understanding (MoU) with other universities.
  6. Professional Assistant
    Publication and Media Relations Unit [Fall'09]
    • This university unit releases university events to the media and prepares the university's official annual report.
    • I covered an event for the university's monthly newsletter and prepared two sections of the university's annual report.
  7. Cultural secretary
    Ashoka Bhavan Student Hostel [August'07 – August'08]
    • I managed the hostel's media subscriptions and organized a quiz program in the hostel.
Service to Community
  1. Student Member, Board of Trustees
    HTCSCI: Hindu Temple and Cultural Society of Central Illinois, Champaign [2014 – current]
    • HTCSCI is a temple (place of worship) and a center for preserving, displaying and promoting Indian culture in Champaign and Central Illinois.
    • As a student member of the board of trustees, I communicate HTCSCI events among students and convey student feedback to the board of trustees. I also co-organize several cultural, ethnic and religious events at HTCSCI.
  2. Organizing Member
    VSC: Vedanta Study Circle [2015 – 2017]
    • VSC is a registered student organization where members meet every week to study, learn and understand concepts from Vedanta, the Indian philosophical system.
    • I co-organized the weekly meetings, and larger events such as invited lectures from scholars, and meditation sessions.