I'm currently a Postdoc Associate at the Department of Computer Science at Yale University. As a member of Zhong Shao's group, and as part of the DeepSpec project, I'm working on the verification of the CertiKOS operating system.

In December 2014 I defended my Ph.D. thesis entitled Proof automation and type synthesis for set theory in the context of TLA+, under the supervision of Stephan Merz. During this time, I was a member of the VeriDis team at INRIA Nancy and Max-Planck-Institute für Informatics, and of the Tools and Methodologies for Formal Specifications and Proofs project at the Microsoft-INRIA Joint Lab.

TLA+ is a specification language designed to verify concurrent and distributed algorithms. The first part of my thesis describes the integration of automated first-order provers and SMT solvers into the TLA+ Proof System. Because TLA+'s underlying logic is based on untyped set theory, only one universal sort is used to encode TLA+ (including arithmetic) into the unsorted and many-sorted logic of automated provers. In the second part I develop a type system based on refinement types for TLA+, together with a type synthesis algorithm, that are used to improve the encoding and, thus, the user's proof effort.

Research interests

  • Automated and interactive theorem proving
  • Logical foundations in Computer Science
  • Formal Methods in Software Engineering
  • Verification of distributed systems
  • Programming languages for certified software

Publications and presented works

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Refinement types for TLA+
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Towards certification of TLA+ proof obligations with SMT solvers
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First Workshop on Proof eXchange for Theorem Proving (PxTP, at CADE23) [pdf]
Formalization of TLA+ arithmetic in the Isabelle proof assistant
(Master Thesis). Director: Stephan Merz.


From 2011 to 2013, I taught at Telecom Nancy, Université de Lorraine, France, as a DCCE (Doctorant Contractuel Chargé d'Enseignement) the following courses: