Daniel A. Spielman

I am the Henry Ford II professor of Computer Science and Statistics and Data Science at Yale University.

I have secondary appointments in Mathematics, and Applied Mathematics.

I am a Simons Investigator and a MacArthur Fellow,
and the co-Director of the Yale Institute for Network Science (YINS).
I am also co-DUS of the major in Statistics and Data Science.

I am a member of the ACM, AMS, IEEE, SIAM, the National Academy of Sciences, and the CT Academy of Science and Engineering.

Descriptions of my research

The following are some articles and citations that describe important parts of my research.

Slides from and videos of some talks

My Courses

Software by my group

My students

Professional activities (a few things I've organized)

Internships and opportunities to work with me.

Except in extremely unusual situations, I do not take interns who are not Yale students.

Photographs of me

Contact information

To schedule an appointment with me, first try my appointment scheduler.
This is what I use to schedule meetings at times of high demand. If it does not list any times, I suggest contacting me by email.
PO Box 208263
17 Hillhouse Ave, Room 340
New Haven, CT 06520-8263
phone: (203) 436-1264
fax: (203) 432-0593

Email: lastname at cs dot yale dot edu